La Neroli - Beauty and Holistic Massage Treatments

Body Waxing

Eyebrow £9.00
Ears £9.00
Underarm £10.00
Forearm £7.00
Arms (including hands) frm £15.00
Shoulders £7.00
Chest frm £15.00
Chest and Shoulders frm £20.00
Back from frm £20.00
Chest and Back frm £32.00
Chest and Abs frm £25.00
(4 - 6 weeks growth) £45.00
Longer than 6 weeks frm £45.00
Abs £10.00
Full Leg (includes feet) frm £25.00
Half Leg £15.00

Personal Waxing (intimate waxing).

Crack £15
Buttocks £15.00
Buttocks inc crack £25.00
BSC - (buttocks,Crack,Sac) £35
Full Back, sac and crack (inc buttocks) £50.00
Brazilian £40.00 (all hair removed apart from pubic triangle)
Hollywood £45.00 (as brazilian with pubic triangle hair removed)
Boyzilian £35.00 (sac, penis, pubic triangle)
Speedo (crease of leg) £15.00
Full Leg + Speedo frm £35.00
Full Body Wax (below neck to feet) £110 - £150

3-4 weeks hair growth is required for waxing.

Body Hair Grooming/Sculpturing.

For Clients who do not want to have a waxing treatment, but would like to have a smooth or more tailored body hair appearance we offer a tailor made grooming service that involves, clippering or shaving or a combination of the two, this involves using cordless clippers, philips bodygroomer (specially designed shaver for the groin area) or disposable razors and shaving foam. this procedure will vary according to the finished effect required . After the hair has been removed the skin is treated with Witch Hazel and finished with a calming Peppermint, Lavender and Tea Tree lotion to sooth the skin and help prevent any skin rash from erupting the next day. It must be remembered that both of these options remove hair only at skin level, as opposed from the hair follicle beneath the skin as with waxing, therefore you will notice re-growth pretty quickly.

Full Body Clip or Shave (or a combination) - £50.00 - £80.00

Personal grooming, this is all of the Groin area, it includes the Buttocks, scrotum and all the underneath as required. This can be a full Hollywood where all hair is cleanly removed or neatly groomed to a small front patch, also called a Brazilian.

Personal Grooming (Clip + Shaved) - £30.00
Boyzilian - (Clip + Shaved) - £20.00
 Back, Chest, Buttocks (clip +- shaved) - £30.00

Clipping only,

 Back, Shoulders and Arms - £15.00
 Chest, Shoulders and Abdomen - ( to Navel) -£15.00  
 Back + Shoulders £10.00
 Chest + Abs £10.00
Full Leg - £15.00
Full Back + Buttocks £15.00
Brazilian/Hollywood - £20.00
Boyzilian - £15.00
Polite notice.

Please be freshly showered and smelling sweet or we will refuse the treatment.

This is strictly a non sexual service that we offer to gentlemen only, it is important that you feel comfortable with our therapists, and we expect the same respect from our gentlemen clients,
Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, the treatment will be ended and you will be asked to leave the premises.

Please be aware that our premises are security protected.

If you decide to end your waxing during the treatment, full price of the treatment will still be charged.

Male Grooming treatments.

Looking after your skin is not just for females, more and more male clients are taking care of their skin, it dosent just make your skin look wonderful, it feels good too. (If you prefer a facial treatment with out the aromatherapy essential oils, thats fine, we can offer a bespoke treatment for you without the oils). Please be close shaved for your facial so you receive greatest benefit from your treatment.

Aromatherapy facial.

Aromatherapy facials work to improve all skin types from within by encouraging healthy circulation and cellular renewal. Essential oils are chosen and blended with gorgeous organic and vegan friendly creams, and oils, which are Paraben, SLS, synthetic colourings and petrochemical free, to nourish, calm, balance and control
what ever your skin needs. Exfloliation to remove dead skin cells, giving the skin a fresh glowing appearance, beautiful floral waters are used to tone, hydrate and refresh your skin, a mask is applied to help with the removal of impuritys and aid skin tone, while specialised massage techniques leave skin smooth and radiant. Light fragrances from the essential oils soothe and restore balance to the emotions.

1hr Treatment £25.00

Hot Stone Aromatherapy facial.

As above, but Hot Stones are use in the massage routine, which help the oils to penetrate deeper into the skin, and have an increased effect on the lymphatic drainage system and removal of toxins, which aid reduced appearance of puffiness around the eye and throat area.

1hr Treatment £25.00

Aromatherapy Paraffin Wax facial.

After cleansing, exfoliation, toning with floral waters and massage with aromatic carrier oils and essential oils bespoke to your skin type, a warm Aromatherapy Paraffin Wax mask is applied to the skin, to soften, hydrate and help diminish fine lines, this is a deeply therapeutic and relaxing treatment which benefits the skin and emotions from the beautiful aromas from the oils we use.

1hr 15min Treatment £30.00

Express facial.

In this treatment your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, then nourished by a suitable mask and treatment cream containing essential oils to leave the skin feeling hydrated and soft.

30min Treatment £15.00.


Includes Cuticle work with finger soak, file, buffing of nail bed to improve shine and circulation followed by relaxing Aromatherapy hand and forearm massage. A clear varnish can be applied if required which is included.

Treatment price £15.00
As above but with paraffin wax treatment £20.00

Please be aware that our premises are security protected.

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